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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Simplified bookmark management

Today I've installed a new version of Netvouz. It has taken some time, but now it's finally here. This new version makes it even easier to manage and organize your bookmarks and to move them between your folders. I don't know for sure, but I think Netvouz now may have the strongest features for managing bookmarks among all online bookmark managers. What do you think?

Here are the major new features:

  • When in edit mode there's now a new bookmark admin bar on the top (just below the Netvouz > username > ... navigator). This bar allows you to select bookmarks and then to batch edit them, delete them or move them to a new folder. If you select move there's a new fold-out menu with all your folders. Just select the target folder and the bookmarks you selected are moved to it. Public folders are shown in blue and private in green, just as usual. It really makes moving bookmarks around a breeze.

  • In edit move, above each bookmark are now icons to edit or delete the bookmark. I'm working on an enhanced version with a move to folder icon with a fold-out menu as well, but due to performance reasons I did not release it in this version.

  • Categories have been renamed folders!

  • When logging on the checkbox now says "Remember me" and is checked by default instead of "Do NOT remember me" (which was kind of awkward...)

  • Minor changes to the way folders are shown in the navigator bar.

  • Plus the usual 50 or so internal improvements that you never actually see....

Next release will include improvements to the fold-out menus, options to clean up an account and some other goodies.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of that - I know I am going to enjoy using all those new features!

Anonymous said...

Great!! thank you.