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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Netvouz rated as the best!

We may not be the biggest, but according to this social bookmarking services review Netvouz ends up being the number one, the most ideal social bookmarking service.



2006-04-10 update

After an email to the reviewer above to point out existing features Netvouz scored two additional "points" on this reviewers requirements list. The blog post is also updated with some new Netvouz screenshots. Take a look here.



Anonymous said...

Netvouz rules!!!

domestic empire said...

Congratulations Henrik and not without good reason too :)

ycc2106 said...

And you are now 2nd on the Quimble poll!
That poll is attact by spamers, but still Netvouz is slowly and surely going up!
delicious: 245
Netvouz: 137
Shadows: 92
Blinkist: 82
Clipmarks: 68


Henrik said...

Wow! Second place is outstanding, and with a decent margin to #3 as well. Cool!