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Monday, May 28, 2007

This post has really nothing to do with Netvouz but I just feel like mentioning it here anyway... I have bought a new toy!

I've been looking for some small radio-controlled helicopter to fly a little now and then. And just recently I discovered the amazingly cool PicooZ from Silverlit. So I picked one up at a local store today. And I don't regret it. Can't see how you can have much more fun for just $40. At least not if you like radio-controlled stuff like I do! It's also the perfect companion for any programmer - charge it for half an hour and fly for 5 minutes. Gives you a perfect break from the keyboard!

Once you've trimmed the control so it flies straight it's very easy to fly, and it looks amazingly cool when it passes your head just an inch away. Highly recommended! See it in motion

Anyone can think of a more sophisticated way to blow out your birthday cake candles!?


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Better links! Much much much better links!

Today we deployed a beta version of our upcoming search engine on Netvouz. The new engine will turn up much better links for all your queries, and equally important, reduce the amount of spam (porn, self-promoters, tag-and-ping bloggers etc.) that you see.

Note, however, the engine is still in beta and currently returns many duplicates, so if you search for e.g. dvd you will notice that doom9.org shows up several times. However, with the previous engine doom9.org didn't show up at all because everything that was shown was just spam bookmarks. So we decided to roll out this early beta version even though it is not yet quite ready for prime time.

So stay tuned and you will soon see much much much better links delivered by Netvouz.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Servers on the move

Today, Friday May 11th, we moved the Netvouz servers to a brand new server room at our hosting partner Infracom. During the move we had only a 60 seconds downtime, and the move went smooth and all systems came up fine.

In the next week or so we will roll out our long-awaited improvement to our spam filter. This third generation filter should make most kinds of spam less intrusive. And in addition to that we will also make significant improvements to our search engine which will return better targeted and more relevant search results.