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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Netvouz automatic link checker improved

Today I have installed a new version of perhaps one of the most sophisticated components of Netvouz - the automatic link checker. With the new improvements made there should be a lot less false alerts thanks to an even smarter decision engine.

The link checker is without competition the single component I have spent most time on in Netvouz. For anyone who hasn't yet written a link checker (are there really people out there who still hasn't? ;-) you should now that just getting the status codes from a web site and blindly assuming that they are right won't get you far.

No for me, Netvouz and you to be happy it requires quite a bit of logic to decide among all the various responses (or lack of responses) whether a link is working or not. As you know we flag the links as working, confirmed broken, unreachable and doubtful, and the Broken Links Manager (Tools -> Manage broken links) allows you to easily delete your broken links.

As before your links are scanned weekly and if a link has been broken for more than a week it is flagged and shows up in the Broken Links Manager.

So keep on bookmarking and rest assured that the Netvouz link checker takes good care of your links!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ahooooooo..... off you gooooooo......

No Ahoo from Yahoo. Uploading 8700 bookmarks all pointing to your own web site is not the way to use Netvouz. Sorry if I haven't made that clear during the registration process.

And to be honest, the articles on your web site really suck so if you plan on making some money on Google ads I suggest you start writing some decent stuff.

I have a button specially made for users like you. It's shaped like a rubber. And it's sooo easy to use.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Successful maintenance Saturday 6th

As some of you noticed Netvouz went up and down on Saturday, just as planned. I have upgraded several parts of the system, found memory leaks which caused instability, performed tuning activities which cut down on CPU resources and made several other improvements. So there should be a lot less smoke coming from the server rack ;-)

Hope you all had an equally good weekend!