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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Site violation: Netvouz.com :-)

We got an unusual email from an "IT Manager" at a company. Read this:

Your website Netvouz.com is linking to my website [the web site.com]. You have no authorization to do this and I request that you remove these links immediately.

This is where these links can be found:

Thank you.

Jack  [last name]
IT Manager – [the web site.com]

I'm really sorry Jack but you have no authorization to email us. And we're not going to remove any of our users' legitimate links (but Jack, do come back when you find links pointing to child porn or any other illegal content and we'll be happy to remove them).

We spend endless hours keeping Netvouz free from spam and SEO links, but hey - this is really the opposite of SEO, isn't it? ;-)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Netvouz upgraded

As you may have noticed we have spent the last few days doing a major upgrade of the Netvouz infrastructure. No? You haven't noticed? OK, good. Then you also didn't notice our minor glitches during the upgrade ;-)

Nevertheless, with the new upgraded hardware and software on our servers we are now seeing response times about 10 times faster than before. In some specific cases even 100 times faster!

So keep on bookmarking. Meanwhile we are continously accepting new members. Seems like a lot of people are abandoning delicious since their major redesign and shift in focus.