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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enabling Netvouz Buttons in Firefox 3.0

John Pedersen, developer of the Netvouz buttons extension for Firefox, has updated the version number of the extension so it's now compatible with Firefox 3.0 and the add-ons installation mechanism. So now it installs smoothly without any tricks needed.

Thanks again John!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Netvouz 2.0 - project finally started


As some of you have noticed there hasn't been many new visible features to Netvouz lately. Instead of adding new features we have focused on two things; 1) keeping Netvouz free from spammers, and 2) scanning the market for the best Web 2.0 development tools and platform.

Today I'm glad to say that the project of transforming Netvouz into a dynamic web 2.0 platform has finally started. We have selected the technologies and products that will enable us to do this transition. This means you should finally see all the goodies of Ajax as well as several new features being rolled out once the Netvouz 2.0 platform is in place.

Netvouz today consists of some 80.000+ lines of code and one of our goals is also to cut down on that number, making the codebase easier to maintain. Another goal is to open up an API for others to easier integrate Netvouz in other services and platforms.

It's currently too early to give an estimate on when we can launch Netvouz 2.0, but as the project moves along I'll post updates here.

If you have a feature request, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at "info at netvouz.com".