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Sunday, August 28, 2005

New release 2005-08-28

Because we've got a lot of new users who have imported lots of bookmarks (how 'bout 13725 bookmarks just for one single user... new world record??? ;-) combined with the fact that Google, MSN and some other crawlers really like Netvouz, our performance has dropped a bit. Performance is still OK, but I prefer to be proactive. Therefore I have changed my priorities and will work on improving performance (I was planning to do this later this fall, but I'll do parts of it now instead).

In this release, I took a shortcut and reduced the functionality for the search engines (Google etc.) as well as tuned some of the database indexes a bit. I'm currently working on an improved database scheme which will be rolled out soon.

For the normal user, like you, not much have happened except that your most common tags are ordered alphabetically instead of by popularity on your bookmarks page. Hope this makes it easier to find your tags.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

New release 2005-08-21

The theme for this release has been improved logon process and simplified user interface:

  • The two separated logons (private and admin) that Netvouz used has now been merged into one, simple logon. This is reached by clicking LOGIN in the upper right corner of the screen.
    When logged on you can now toggle between so called edit mode and normal mode using the links in the upper right corner of the page.
    In edit mode your page is enhanced with editing features (it's the same as the old Admin mode). In normal mode the screen is free from these additional icons and menus etc.
    When you log on we now, by default, set a cookie to remember you the next time. This cookie is optional.

  • Login link is also available from the www.netvouz.com index page. In a future release there will also be a link that takes you to your bookmarks page immediately, if you have the Netvouz logon cookie set.

  • The private menu is completely removed and the links to toggle between public & private bookmarks are moved to the blue-gray navigation bar. In a future release you will be able to show (and search) both public and private bookmarks at the same time...

  • The Link Validator is now ready to go into production again. I have been testing and tuning it using a 50.000+ subset of the Netvouz links for a few weeks. The new Link Validator is very much enhanced compared to the previous one. It's multi-threaded and can validate multiple links at the same time. It's also much more tolerant to network timeouts and has much better precision (so less working links will be reported as broken).

  • Added a change password field to the Settings page

  • Added a home page url field to the Settings page. If you enter the address to your home page (or blog etc.) it will display at the top of your bookmarks page. It doesn't look so good now but I will fix that in a later release.

  • Changed the default operator for search from OR to AND

  • Added caching to some frequently accessed pages that were heavy to generate

  • Moved the Rating selection from the advanced options to normal options on the Submit bookmark page.

  • Added "Problems? Contact us. Feedback? Contact us." messages on all entry screens. If you have a problem or a suggestion, help is just a click away.

  • Plus a number of bug fixes and invisible improvements....