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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Netvouz on Sociable's short list

A few days ago the popular Wordpress plugin Sociable was released in an improved 2.0 version.

Sociable is a tool that offers Wordpress bloggers a simple way to add buttons to their blogs which blog visitors can click on and instantly save the blog post on their favorite social bookmarking service.

In Sociable 2.0 Netvouz is now one of few pre-selected sociable bookmarking services, along with digg, del.icio.us, and some others. You'll see the icons under Share and enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you didn't disclose one important piece of information - you paid to have it included. Nothing wrong with that, but it should be disclosed.

Henrik said...


Yes, you are right. It was a small sponsoring contribution, which you can see if you visit the Sociable 2.0 page.

And this was actually the first kind of SEO, marketing or advertising "activity" we have ever done. We have basically not done anything at all to make Netvouz grow. Instead we have spent all our time developing useful and easy to use features.

And looking at the Alexa graph it seems like our growth is taking care of itself :-)

I'm really looking forward to see what happens in 2007!


Anonymous said...


How do I get these links showing on my blog page. I keep having frustration on getting them posted.

Please advise so I can get you linked. I will check the share page you recommended.


Henrik said...

Hello Patricia,

If you go to the Sociable 2.0 web site and download the plugin there are also instructions for how to install it to your blog.

The instructions from the page are:
To upgrade, first deactivate Sociable and remove the sociable directory, then follow the install instructions.

To install, unzip it, and upload the sociable folder (not just the files in it!) in your wp-contents/plugins folder.
In your WordPress administration, go to the Plugins page to Activate the Sociable plugin and a subpage for Sociable will appear in your Options menu.

Hope this helps. I'm not a Wordpress user myself so I have no test bed set up.

But if you don't get it to work I can help post your question to the developer.


Anonymous said...

Its true, wordpress service´s is the beter that web 2.0 has, no questin about that