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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Delicious shuts down, Netvouz opens up

Past Friday we started getting lots of requests for new accounts at Netvouz. We do have a continous stream of requests but Friday it was significantly more than usual. After a while we realized why - Yahoo is shutting down Delicious (which, for those of you who don't know, is the biggest and busiest social bookmarking service around). So we decided to open up our self registration service and welcome all Delicious refugees into the warm cosy Netvouz cottage. We have automatic import of Delicious bookmarks and such so the check-out from Delicious and check-in to Netvouz is painless.

Today we disabled self-registration again... So many spammers that just opens new accounts and starts auto-posting junk links. As you know we strive to keep Netvouz always available, free from spam, and to give you fast page load times. Millions of junk links just make life so much harder for us.

So for everyone who really wants an account at Netvouz, and who do not plan to use it for spamming, please drop us an email (info is at our Contact page), and we'll be glad to set it all up for you.



John said...

As a long-time Netvouz user, I appreciate how you try to keep your site fast and available. Too bad there are so many people who abuse the system. I recently had a look (just out of curiousity) at Google Bookmarks, and some extensions for GB, and Netvouz beats Google Bookmarks by miles. Thanks for your efforts.

David Brake said...

Netvouz continues to rock. I hope that these latest changes will encourage someone to volunteer to help you AJAX-ify your service to make it as appealing as it is feature-rich.

gojcg said...


There is still another service which will shut down : Yahoo bookmarks.

Is it possible to import easily yahoo bookmarks on Netvouz ?

Henrik said...

Right, missed that but as you say Yahoo is shutting down their own homebrewn service too. We haven't looked at Yahoo bookmarks import. But you should at least be able to export to a standard IE/Firefox HTML file from Yahoo, and Netvouz can then import from HTML.


nitGreen said...


I also heard same news,but i do not care about Delicious shuts down or Run,

We care about Netvouz,

Good luck to Netvouz Team.

T*Lo said...

Netvouz is fantastic! I have been using Netvouz for four years and I am more than happy. Very clean & simple interface and NO annoying advertising!! You guys rock! Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Alex said...

Good work. Thanks I like that.

paint bull said...

This shows that you care for your site and keeping it updated always is very good!
Netvouz Rocks!