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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Google Chrome extension for Netvouz

John Pedersen, the developer of the Firefox extension for Netvouz, has switched to the Google Chrome browser. A great browser but something was lacking - no integration with his favorite online bookmark manager. So he decided to develop an extension for Google Chrome as well. We have now been testing this for a while and it's working really well.

Anyone using Google Chrome should go to Chrome extension for Netvouz and install it. When installed a single Netvouz icon appears in the upper right corner. Clicking it reveals two buttons; one for quickly accessing your Netvouz bookmarks page and another for adding new bookmarks.

Many many thanks to John for his work on this!



Greg said...

Thanks to any and all who are working to keep this service up-to-date and active! I have experimented with Chrome and know it has gone through several improvement cycles. I will check it out again with this add-on.

I have commented here before but will again - - - The file system with tagging option that you offer is so much better than the file-free tagging system offered by Delicious & Google! Instead of cocooning with the users you have, you should be advertising for new users (and advertisers to pay the bills) and growing.

I would love to suggest this tool to students and teachers who could use it but our hands continue to be tied by your lock-down on new users.

I love what you created! Please open the doors and keep building it!

Henrik said...

Hello Greg,

When we've tried to enable self-registration again 98-99% of new accounts are used for spamming.

We have tools to help us remove these junk accounts but it still involves lots of manual work. We'd love to allow new users to sign up and use Netvouz without our help, but at this point it's simply not worth it.

We are working on improving the spam detection methods but in the meantime we create accounts manually on users requests.


Anonymous said...

Hi Henrik,

Any chance of an iphone app soon? I know I'd pay for one!

Cheers, Alain

Henrik said...


I'd also like to see an iPhone app (don't have an iPhone myself but an iPad). Unfortunately iPhone/iPad development is not really straightforward. You need to purchase Apple's own development tools, develop in Apple's own variant of C++, and when you're done you don't even know if your app will be accepted in the App Store so people can access it. If it's not accepted you have to jailbreak your phone to be able to install it. Lovely.

Great devices (I really do love my iPad!) but the vendor lock in does cause problems sometimes.

However, another option is to enhance Netvouz so that when it detects an iPhone/iPad device it outputs HTML specifically tailored for that device. You could then create a bookmark for Netvouz so it appears as an icon on your iPhone/iPad.

Will need to investigate how much work that would take.