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Friday, January 04, 2008

Netvouz buttons Firefox extension updated

John Pedersen who developed the original Netvouz buttons extension for Firefox has released an updated version (now available for download from Mozilla extensions web site).

Version 1.51 has slick new icons made by Swedish Arvid Axelsson, creator of the excellent Firefox theme Qute (highly recommended). It also has configurable options for how the MyNetvouz and Add2Netvouz buttons should open windows.

To configure the new Netvouz buttons extension to your preferences select Tools -> Add-ons in Firefox. Then click the Extensions tab on the top and then the Preferences (or Options, depends on Firefox version) button next to the Netvouz buttons extension. This brings up a dialog box where you can select the window opening behaviour you prefer:

Thanks much John for your hard work on this update!



Anonymous said...

If you use the Google toolbar there's another useful button you can add. Put the text cursor in Netvouz's search field for your bookmarks, then right click and select "Generate Custom Search...". This will put a Netvouz button on the Google toolbar. If you click on it, it will take you to your Netvouz homepage. However, if you first type something into the Google toolbar search field (or just position the cursor in there) a magnifying glass appears at the lower right of the button and now when you click on it it will automatically search your Netvouz bookmarks for whatever you typed in the Google toolbar. You can also right click on the toolbar and select customize, then drag the Add to Netvouz button from the Netvouz buttons extension next to the Netvouz button you generated for Google, making it easy to both add to and search your Netvouz bookmarks from the toolbar.

Anonymous said...

This extension don't work! Both buttons open my netvouz page, asking me login infos each time, whatever settings I choose!
This means it won't add any new bookmark to my account! This is pretty sad! I'll stick to the old way.

Henrik said...


Sounds like you're having a problem with cookies in your browser. When you install the new plugin and click either button for the first time it tries to read your username from a Netvouz cookie and save it in a setting used by the extension. If the Netvouz cookie is not found you are sent to the login page so you can log in and give the extension a chance to pick up your Netvouz username.

You should make sure that your browser allows cookies from netvouz.com. If you don't accept cookies just add an exception for netvouz.com in the Firefox Preferences, Privacy tab.

If it still doesn't work you can type about:config in the address field and then scroll down to (or filter on) the "netvouz" settings. The extensions.netvouz.username setting should have been updated with your username.

If you don't get it to work please contact us and we'll help you out.


HonorH said...

Hi Henrik,
First of all let me wish you a happy new year for you and your relatives and friends: may this year filled with health, money, laughs, joy, love and friendship.
It works now! It's the about:config trick that did it. I've tried the cookie setting first with no luck. I don't keep them more than the session time anyway.
So I thank you very much for your help and will keep the extension for good now :)

Henrik said...

Glad it works for you know Honorh.

We already have some really nice features which will be added to the extension in the near future.


Solomon Broad said...

This extension is working fine here. I love the fact I get to choose the tab opening behaviour. It's great!

Asad said...

Hi, I am using netvouz and it is very nice, the folders does it for me. I wanted to ask what is the long term plan to monetize this application. I only want to know so I know netvouz will stick around and my bookmarks are safe. No company can continue operating on free unless there are a ton of adds. Will there be premium services? A facelift to the app? Please understand I only want to make sure Netvouz will have the revenue to stick around. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Henrik said...

Hello asad

Netvouz is a hobby project so it's not backed by any profit-demanding company.

I've been architecting, developing, and running Netvouz since 2000, and I can of course not give you any guarantees but there are absolutely no plans to shut it down. Netvouz runs very well, new users arrive at a steady rate and we get very positive feedback from users, blogs and articles. We also have a long list of features that we are going to develop to enhance our service even further.


Anonymous said...

Henrik, when you saw we, do you really mean it? I always thought you are the sole Netvouz developer....no?

Matt R said...

Hello! I just found and started to use Netvouz last Thursday. It's my first use of web bookmarking and tagging. So far, it's been awsome, and a big part of the experience has been the easiness of adding new bookmarks through browser buttons, which I have been using on Firefox and IE, so thanks! you're awsome! ans so are the people who helped with the FF extension development!

Importing bookmarks also worked like a breeze and let me change seamlessly to using Netvouz exclusively for bookmarks and refinding.

Henrik said...

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Can you give us some more information about the problem you're seeing?


Henrik said...

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