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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Netvouz featured on Profy

Yesterday the technology news blog Profy posted a positive review of Netvouz.

The reviewer appreciates the Netvouz way of organizing bookmarks using both tags and folders, as well as our unique features, such as the broken links manager. He also liked our performance and the fact that we work hard on protecting our users from spammy content.

I was very pleased reading this review as it really manifests that Netvouz is a powerful social bookmarking service which stands out among hundreds of similar services. (I already knew this before, of course, but it's always nice to see it in print ;-)

Read the full Netvouz review on Profy.



Anonymous said...

You deserved it! I'm coming from del.icio.us and frankly, I'm not seeing any reason to look back!

The private folders feature is really something!

Best wishes!

Henrik said...

Hello Picatrix,

Glad to hear you like Netvouz.

We think folders are great for finding your own bookmarks, but tags are good for finding others'.

Keep on bookmarking!


Unknown said...

You've got a great site here. I've tried del.icio.ous, magnolia, dig, etc. Netvouz has a better interface and better options. I mean, just the ability to sort bookmarks by title sold me on your site and the folders and ease of navigation just make it better. Thanks for a great service!

Henrik said...


Welcome, glad you also like Netvouz. We have several users who, just like you, try out similar services but finally get hooked on Netvouz.

Keep bookmarking,


rinav said...

Every time I save a bookmark or Create a Folder, why does it go to netvouz homepage and not to my personal page

Earlier there was no problem but i am experienceing this problem from approx 1 and a half month

I use Firefox latest version. is it has to do with a browser???

plz help me wd this problem

Anonymous said...

How come you dont play up the fact you have organizing by folders as an option. That should be front and center as one of your main and better differences. I have been searching for a bookmarking service that lets me use folders for several years now, only to now come across your site. Tags suck for organization sake. Im about to try your service, but having folders is something that you should openly tout, as its a real asset.

Henrik said...

Hello asad,

I think folders and tags make a perfect combination for organizing and categorizing bookmarks. That's why Netvouz supports both.

Can't speak for the Profy reviewer, but whenever I'm asked to highlight some Netvouz features folders is a given, and the automatic link checker as well.

Try Netvouz - I'm sure you're gonna like it!


stubb-brytar´n said...

Netvouz have som unique features that I alway missed in th big services. Its thing like ability to bulk edit your tags and bookmarks. Or the possibility to organize in flexible ways with BOTH tags and directory. And date, name etc. And very good search (where even the notes are invluded!) - and its fast!

One suggestion is to keep up being focused on good organizig and sorting of bookmarks, no need for trying to be another Digg Clone (Digg="social" vote-on-ad-links)

One other unique thing is the tre lines with hotspot bookmarks you chose to pin in the top.
Why dont develope it to give the user choise to have or not have both them and also a "startpage" vwhere he can pin links of his choise with thumbnail exerpts - Netvouz would then became like a portal also! I would like that function

Matt said...

I personally love your site, its much more user friendly then some of the other book marking sites.

I think its great that you can use a combination of folders and tags to organise bookmarks.Netvouz definitely has the best user interface I have come across and often recommend it to others!

Mike said...

Keep up the great work guys

sports picks said...

Hello Picatrix,

Glad to hear you like Netvouz.

We think folders are great for finding your own bookmarks, but tags are good for finding others'.