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Monday, July 09, 2007

More sorts. Less duplicates.

The observant Netvouz user may already have seen the new features we have added the past week, but for the rest of you here's a quick summary.

First there are some useful new sort options which let you view your bookmarks sorted by last visit date and by number of clicks. These let you see which bookmarks you have clicked recently as well as which you have clicked most. You find these sort options in the Netvouz Show menu as "Sort by visit date" and "Sort by visits". A click is registered only when you are logged on and only when you click your own bookmarks.

We have also added a check which notifies you when you bookmark a web site you already have. We then load and display your existing bookmark (if you have several copies we load the last modified) so you can update it instead of saving a new. If you really want to save another copy you can use the Netvouz File -> Add Bookmark menu option or just click the Copy link next to the bookmark.

In addition to this we have also added a P3P Privacy Policy which should make Netvouz work better in recent versions of Internet Explorer which, apparently, have a tighter control of cookies. A P3P policy states what information a web site collects about its users and how it uses this information. Rest assured, Netvouz only collects standard server logs and uses cookies only to determine if you are logged on or not and what your display preferences are, and we do not use this to contact you with any spam email or so, only to improve our web site. We hate spam just as much as you do!

Work continues - this week we will work further on improving link quality and also implement Safe Browsing!



Anonymous said...

Netvouz is getting better and better! Keep up the excellent work!

Best regards Becca

Deb Morrissey said...

I'm excited to see all these new developments recently.

One request - any chance of getting something I can add to my iGoogle? Currently, I'm using the iFrame Gadget displaying my bookmarks page, but I have to scroll down to get anything useful visible. Being able to display just the Hotpicks and search box would be great.

Or, alternately, a sidebar version of my page. I have it load in a sidebar now, but a lot of stuff ends up overlapping.

Henrik said...

Hello Deb,

I think our Google Module is what you're looking for. It's developed by Antoine Khater, a Netvouz user, and is available at http://googlemodules.com/module/319/

Let me know if that works for you.