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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Netvouz Firefox extension now live on Firefox Add-ons site

The Netvouz buttons Firefox extension, developed by Netvouz user John Pedersen, went live today on the Firefox Add-ons site after a few days in the Sandbox.

You can install it in the same way as any other Firefox extension (select Tools -> Add-ons menu and click Get Extensions in Firefox, then select Browse by category -> Bookmarks on the Add-ons web site). You can also get it directly from http://addons.mozilla.org/addon/5194.

If you are using Firefox we highly recommend this extension instead of the two bookmarklets previously available.

For more information see this previous post (or just scroll down ;-)

Thanks again John!



Anonymous said...

Please don't forget to give your continuing love to the bookmarklets though! Not everybody uses Firefox. I use Epiphany on my GNOME desktop (because it just is a better browser) but I wouldn't want to feel unloved by my favorite bookmarks site :)

Henrik said...

Hello topyli,

Don't worry. The bookmarklets are still the preferred tools for all other browsers except Firefox, so they will continue to receive our continuing love (nice expression by the way!)

I didn't even know there was a browser called Epiphany. But good to know that Netvouz works with it.


P.S. We love and value all our users, except all the evil spammers...

Konstantin S. said...

Ok, it functions fine but I am using small icons in my Firefox and buttons doesn't look pretty when mouse is just over them. I had switched to big buttons and they were nice. Please test it.

Henrik said...


We'll fix that!


Konstantin S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Konstantin S. said...

BTW it opens netvouz site inside the current tab so opening bookmarks always costs 2 clicks: 1st - open new tab, 2nd - open netvouz site. Maybe it is not so important but I was using the following link in my toolbar
that opens my bookmarks in 1 click inside new tab. It seems that it may be a good idea to add options section into your component where let users to choose the way how to open bookmarks.

Henrik said...

Hello Konstantin,

I understand. You want the MyNetvouz (Netvouz N logo) to open your bookmarks page in a new tab, not the current tab. Right?

I will check this with John, the developer of the extension.


Konstantin S. said...

Hi, Henrik
Yes, as for me I prefer new tab and I think many other users prefer it as well. But I propose to make a settings dialog where it will be possible to choose such an option in case if somebody likes current behavior.

Henrik said...

Originally John had actually implemented this behaviour you ask for. But then I asked him to change it. Maybe a bad idea from me. We'll see if we can make it configurable.



the Falcon said...

Can you maybe it that if you middle-click on the button, it opens in a new window? That way it functions just like a bookmark and you don't need to add any configuration options.