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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A little bit of this and that

The last month has been busy working out the details for the new hardware & software platform upgrade. It's slowly getting there so within a few weeks we should be ready to switch.

But in the mean time we've also fixed some minor bugs and made some small improvements:
* The XML import feature has been broken for a few weeks but it's working again.
* If you're logged on you can now get RSS/JavaScript/HTML feeds also for private bookmarks. Several users have requested this because they access their bookmarks as RSS feeds for example in Firefox.
* More spam protection. It's a pain and it takes time but unfortunately we need it.

And, again, thanks for all the positive feedback that you keep emailing us. It's inspiring!



Anonymous said...

After testing a few social bookmark services we integrated Netvouz with Nyfiken

We also integrated del.icio.us, jots and digg.

Netvouz because we hope that it has a little more swedish users :-)
Jots because its different cause the links seems real.
del.icio.us because its Yahoo and big.
Digg because we thought it to be the most fun one.

Good luck with Netvouz!

Best Regards
Hans Husman

Henrik said...


Trevligt med lite nationalism här också. Ja, Netvouz är den enda social bookmarking-tjänsten som finns på svenska, mig veterligen. Och sett procentuellt har vi nog fler svenska användare än andra tjänster.

Intressant - varför tycker du att Jots har mer äkta länkar? Jag får nog faktiskt säga precis tvärtom. Ja g klickade mig precis igenom alla länkar på Jots startsida och 99% av dom var vad Netvouz skulle klassa som spam....