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Monday, August 28, 2006

It works!

As I wrote in the previous blog post I have changed the algorithm that selects which bookmarks make it onto the attractive Netvouz front page and new page. And after a few days of real life testing I'm please to say that it seems to work.

Every day spammers sign up and add new bookmarks but none of these have made it onto the front page. I'm not saying the current solution is bullet proof, but at least it's a lot better than previous versions, where the front page sometimes could be filled with spam bookmarks.

So hopefully we will not have to zap some 50 users a day, which has been the case during the summer.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is a relief! What did you do?

Henrik said...


I prefer not to disclose any details about the algorithm because it would just help evil spammers...

Just enjoy the fact that the Netvouz front page is hopefully reasonably clean from spam from now on.