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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Year - new release 2006-01-08

If you wonder why I'm not posting so often in this blog it's because I spend all my time developing Netvouz, and here's the features added in this last release:

  • Allow bookmarks to be saved without tags. If you don't enter any tag the bookmark is automatically given a system:unfiled tag.

  • Search engine now also searches the tags (yes, it has only searched names/titles and descriptions until now, I apologize...).

  • Re-added the "copy bookmark" link, which unfortunately was lost in the previous release.

  • Added possibility to include bookmark tags in JavaScript and HTML feeds (perfect for bloggers).

  • Added a target parameter to the JavaScript and HTML feeds so you can open the links in a new window (use target=_blank) or any window name of your choice.

  • Rearranged the small windows (I call 'em "portlets") a bit to remove information that was not actually contributing to the page.

  • When searching for bookmarks a list of the most common tags for the bookmarks found (displayed) is now shown on the right.

  • Improved the visual appearance of the tag cloud.

  • Added a tag table that lists all your tags in alphabetic order (there will be an option to sort by frequency as well soon).

  • Added a one line of descriptive text on top of each page, which describes what you are actually seeing on pages like "new", "popular" etc.

  • Moved the blue admin form that is shown when in Edit mode to the top of the page instead of at the bottom. If you have many bookmarks you had to scroll all the way down to find it.
I think that was about it. In the next release will be some improvements to the import feature, RSS/JavaScript/HTML feeds for your tags (so you can display a tag cloud on your blog) and a bunch of "under-the-hood" improvements. So... if you don't hear from me in a week or two or three, you know why.

And to everyone who gives me feedback - I really appreciate it!



Anonymous said...

Lots of good things in that list (but then since I asked for several of them it's no wonder I think that!) Thanks a lot for doing it...

ycc2106 said...

Hi! Happy new year 2U2 Henrik!

This is a message to the readers:
As I use Netvouz I'm more and more impressed by all the solid features. The most strong point about it is the import with duplicate filter. This means you can regularly sync you bookmarks!
Doesn't this give all it's meaning to 'having your bookmarks online' ?
I've used it and it works quickly and faultlessly.
(And of course the batch edit, rss... are usefull too + that it seemes to support all the browsers I've tried!)
Ach wunderbach! ;-)

BTW, I think this duplicate filter feature should be hightlighted on the main Netvouz page. ;-)

Henrik said...

I'm happy to hear you share my enthusiasm over Netvouz (and yes, I will rewrite the documentation and highlight the nice features, some day).

FYI - I'm currently testing the link validator, which have been off duty for quite some time now. I'm hoping to start it up again in a few days. Then you will also get a message every now and then if you have broken links. Quite handy.

ycc2106 said...

Does Netvouz mean anything?
Maybe 'your net' ?
What's the inspiration?

Henrik said...


Here's the story behind the name:
Net is of course the Internet. vouz is a rewrite of the last part of the French word "rendez-vous", which means "a place where people meet".

So Netvouz basically means social bookmarking and meeting to discover the web ;-)

I pronounce Netvouz as "Netvoo", so the last z is silent.

That's the story!