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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another christmas release (2005-12-27)

  • Added notes support. Now you can write a short note for each of your bookmarks. If the bookmark is public the note can either be public or private (if the bookmark is private the note is always private).

    You can use the notes field in many different ways. For example, if the bookmark is for your web mail account you could create a private note and save the userid/password you need to log on to your mail account there and when you browse your bookmarks you (and only you) see that information. Nice, huh?

    It may also be good to know that notes are not (yet) searchable.
  • Re-added support for popular links. The http://www.netvouz.com/popular page again shows the most clicked bookmarks on Netvouz (it has been disabled for a few days). Clicks generated by search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. are not counted. A great place to see which links are really active.

Puh, christmas sure is a busy period....



ycc2106 said...

I was wondering, what kind of database is Netvouz, a kind of semi-flat one? with sub categories? Whatever they are I like them, I find by BMs look nett, clean.
There's also one little thing, but you must know(n) it. When I search someone elses BMs the...how did you call it? portlet? where 'your most common tags' is, stays 'yours' even if they are not mine.
puh, busy are you? ;-)

Henrik said...

Netvouz uses a regular database to store it's information in. In the database we have stuff like members, categories, bookmarks and tags (and some other data).

Categories are like regular folders, and there's no limit on the number of levels you can have (so you can have categories in categories just like on your hard disk). Most (all?) other social bookmarking services I've seen only use tags for organizing your bookmarks, but I find, just like you, that categories/folders is a great and quick way to find your own bookmarks.

And most users signing up to Netvouz import bookmarks from their browsers and there they have a well working category structure that they are used to and I think it would be sad to waste that, so therefor Netvouz keeps that structure completely intact when importing.

Regarding the tags, yes it'll be fixed soon, so when you search you will see the most common tags for the bookmarks returned by your query.