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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New release 2005-11-08

Again a small update with the following enhancements:

  • JavaScript and HTML feeds ("linkrolls") used to include your bookmarks on your blog (or homepage) are now documented. Click the "Tools" link on your bookmarks page to get instructions on how to use them.

  • If you have a blog you may also appreciate the new Add2Netvouz button you can put on your blog to allow your visitors to easily bookmark your posts. This is an early version of the link, it will be enhanced soon. It's on the Tools page as well.

  • When importing bookmarks (using the Import feature on your bookmarks page) you can now skip all bookmarks that you already have. This is useful if you want to import bookmarks from several computers and don't fancy having duplicates.

  • New tabbed dialogs when submitting bookmarks. This layout is both space-saving and looks pretty good, if I may say (but who do you think designed it...). It has been tested in Internet Explorer v6, Firefox 1.07 and Opera 8 and if it works well it will be used on all Netvouz dialogs (it's also used on the Tools page now).

  • ...plus the usual bunch of bug fixes and hidden improvements you never really get to see...
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Anonymous said...

How about (optionally) including the rating for pages in the javascript feed (as rating: ** or rating: poor etc)?

Henrik said...


Sure! I can add rating with *, ** and ***. Stars are easier because it's language independent, and also takes less space on your blog.

What about tags too?

I've been thinking of letting you specify your own text prefix to use for this metadata. For example, if your blog is in English you may want to show "Posted on {date}" but a blog in Swedish would say "Skapat den {date}". And some users' would perhaps just like the date as is.