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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Netvouz upgraded

As you may have noticed we have spent the last few days doing a major upgrade of the Netvouz infrastructure. No? You haven't noticed? OK, good. Then you also didn't notice our minor glitches during the upgrade ;-)

Nevertheless, with the new upgraded hardware and software on our servers we are now seeing response times about 10 times faster than before. In some specific cases even 100 times faster!

So keep on bookmarking. Meanwhile we are continously accepting new members. Seems like a lot of people are abandoning delicious since their major redesign and shift in focus.




chardyboy said...

your registration is disable, when can i register>?thanks

Anonymous said...

"We are continuously accepting new members"? Because, trying to sign up directs people here to read more, except there's nothing explaining how to sign up. Is there an expected date for allowing new members?

Gary W. said...

The drop-down menu is not functioning correctly in Opera 11.62. Plus it does not degrade at all with JS switched off. Any chance you could look at this please? Many thanks :)

Mariya said...

I wont to migrate from delicious too. Today sended email to you asking for registration.

Whant to try it :)

Henrik said...


We get lots of request for accounts and we register new members continously. If you haven't got your account yet then drop us an email at info netvouz.com and we will process it as soon as possible.