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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enabling Netvouz Buttons in Firefox 3.0

John Pedersen, developer of the Netvouz buttons extension for Firefox, has updated the version number of the extension so it's now compatible with Firefox 3.0 and the add-ons installation mechanism. So now it installs smoothly without any tricks needed.

Thanks again John!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the "add 2 netvouz" button doesn't work! It simply log you in the main page. And I pretty sure I did everything right to install it on FFx V3.0.
Please complete your explanations or upgrade your extension.
Thanks for the good site anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Arf! I should have known better for I've been warned! It works, only I forgot to keep that cookie after clickin on 'remember me on that computer'.
BTW I'm eager to try out this new V2.0!!! Only hope it won't be too long.

Ariela Steif said...

Is there a way to bookmark pages on a handheld device, like an iPhone?