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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Netvouz becomes a GrabPERF monitoring agent

I've been a long time user of GrabPERF (hey - I've even sponsored the site because it was so useful to me!) and when GrabPERF needed more monitoring agents, I decided to help out. So now I am hosting a GrabPERF monitoring agent on a dedicated Linux box in my apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. This has nothing to do with Netvouz really (the GrabPERF agent and Netvouz servers are not in the same location), but I have always used GrabPERF to keep an eye on the Netvouz performance.

In addition to that I have also done some DNS changes to Netvouz and these have also improved the responsiveness of Netvouz. Here's what the GrabPERF top 20 list looked today - Netvouz has climbed to 3rd place for the homepage (a new measurement) and about 10th place for the tag search. These figures vary as site response times vary, but it's nice to see that the DNS change clearly made a difference.

I also have some other performance improvements on my to do list which I will implement and roll out as soon as possible. And the neat thing is that these will also have side effects which will improve the quality of the bookmarks and the value Netvouz brings to our users.



Anonymous said...

Nice! Mind sharing the DNS trick?

Henrik said...


Well, it was not so much of a trick...

A while ago I reduced the "SOA Minimum TTL" to allow for faster switching to another IP address. But a value of 60s meant that anyone who had not visited Netvouz within the last 60s (both users and GrabPERF agents) would need to do a new DNS lookup. This caused an additional time delay. But now I have reset it to 2h, which is a more normal value.

So... nothing magic!