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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Successful maintenance Saturday 6th

As some of you noticed Netvouz went up and down on Saturday, just as planned. I have upgraded several parts of the system, found memory leaks which caused instability, performed tuning activities which cut down on CPU resources and made several other improvements. So there should be a lot less smoke coming from the server rack ;-)

Hope you all had an equally good weekend!



Unknown said...

every time i try to collect a screen the sign up screen pops up first
also in the instant save button it pops up behind the screen im trying to collect
also your contact buttons dont work
otherwise i like it esp the folder making

Henrik said...

Hello beeb,

1) Netvouz can automatically log you on if you allow us to set a cookie in your browser and you select the "Remember me" checkbox on the login screen. You need to look at the settings in your browser to make sure it allows cookies. Also, if you have a firewall software on your computer it may also block cookies. You need to at least allow www.netvouz.com to set cookies.

2) I assume you are using Firefox because this is actually a bug in Firefox which has not been resolved even in the latest version. If you don't like it you can use the non-popup version of the Add2Netvouz button. I am checking with the Firefox development a little now and then to see if they fix the bug.

3) You mean the links on the http://www.netvouz.com/info/contact page? I just tried it and it pops up my mail program. Or do you mean anything else?

4) Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback and keep on bookmarking!