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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Big Bang Upgrade - Finally!

One may think Netvouz development has come to a complete standstill because there hasn't been any announcements about new features for some time. But nothing could be more wrong.

The last couple of months I have spent all my time migrating to a brand new server platform. And finally, today, I have done the final switch. Phew!!! (To be honest the switch actually took place a week ago but because of some "interesting" network problems Netvouz has been running on the backup servers for a week, so today we did the final switch to the production servers.)

The new platform is a complete rip-and-replace upgrade of both hardware and software. Everything except the Netvouz code and the database content (your bookmarks!) has been upgraded to brand new versions. The new platform provides us with a solid foundation with advanced capabilities we can leverage when we continue develop new features again. The future looks bright!

//Henrik, the happy developer and sys admin


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Henrik. I am in the process of switching from del.icio.us to netvouz -- folders must be created to replace del.icio.us bundles whcih don't export.

Del.icio.us has become unbearably slow and on top of that their interface is very clunky.

After looking at the usual suspects (Magnolia, Furl, Simpy etc.), I liked Netvouz best.

Please don't pull the plug on netvouz anytime soon!

Henrik said...

Hi and Welcome,

Sounds like you have some work to do if del.icio.us does not allow you to export your bookmarks properly :-(

But, as you probably already noticed, Netvouz is particularly strong at bookmark management and organizing (and re-organizing) bookmarks and folders.

And don't worry - after my latest investment (server hardware) I will definitely not pull the plug!