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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Link validator and improved bookmark importing

Today is the release of some long awaited features! Look here:

Link Validator
The link validator scans your bookmarks for broken links once a week. If it finds links which do not work it marks them as possibly broken and if a link does not work during two validations (two weeks) it is marked as broken. If you have broken links you get a message about that when you visit your bookmarks page and you can then use the Broken Links Manager to fix them. Almost everyone has broken links of some kind, so just be patient and you'll get to see this new feature in action.

Broken Links Manager
The broken links manager divides your broken links into three categories depending on the link's status; confirmed broken (these are definitely broken - the web server even told us so), unreachable (we could not locate the site, it may be gone or may be on an intranet network) and doubtful (we could contact the site but the response we got was bad). Depending on what status the link has you can either delete all broken links with a single click or to display them and process them one by one. Full instructions are available in the broken links manager help.

Import/export to del.icio.us
I have also added support to import and export bookmarks from/to del.icio.us. Netvouz preserves all tags and descriptions (extended notes) on your del.icio.us bookmarks.

Import with merge folders option
If you import two bookmark files and they have folders with identical names you earlier ended up with two folders with that name. Now there's an option to merge these folders (and all bookmarks and sub-folders) when importing.

Blog post button configuration tool
Bloggers may appreciate the new configuration tool for the Netvouz blog post button (used to place a link/button on your blog so your visitors may bookmark your posts easily). The configurator automatically gives you the correct string to paste into your blog template, and it has several options for customizing the link.

I haven't really decided yet, but there may not be any major visible updates until beginning of August. The reason is I'm gonna beef up the infrastructure with some new hardware to cope with the increasing load and to provide even better uptime. Designing, implementing, testing and putting that stuff into production will take me some time. And there's also very nice weather at this time of year so... we'll see what happens!

If anyone has some features they really really would like me to prioritize - drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.



ycc2106 said...

Hooo! Greate work!
and a button we can hotlink to.
I'd like to make a list of these, as when the service is down we could see it before clicking.

Henrik said...


Could you explain what you mean?

1) Button to hotlink to. Do you mean having the blog post button available without logging in, so you can link to the address where you configure it?

2) What do you mean by "as the service is down we could see it before clicking"??


Anonymous said...

Super ideas! Enjoyed all my broken links, btw. (: I'm most interested in the in/export with Delicious; it will bump-up Netvouz 2 notches for social interaction.
Thanks for blogging!

Henrik said...


Glad you liked your broken links!! :-)

I've worked quite hard on tuning the link validator to make it as accurate as possible, and the broken links manager as easy to use as possible. So it's really nice to hear that the hard work has paid off!

Did you try the del.icio.us import/export as well?


Anonymous said...

I tried the import and I remembered all the reasons why I liked Netvouz better than del.icio.us; it took me a while to find that option since it didn't seem like a highlighted feature and I forgot they didn't have folders (as far as I could tell).

Thanks for the ease of use on yours.