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Sunday, July 10, 2005

New release 2005-07-10

  • Much improved tag support when submitting (posting) bookmarks using the Netvouz Add2Netvouz bookmarklet. If you select a piece of text on the web page before clicking the Add2Netvouz button, the selected text is used as description for the bookmark and Netvouz will now automatically try to extract tags from the description. The tags are displayed on the submit bookmark page and you can just click them to select/deselect them. In addition to this your most common tags are also displayed, clickable as well.

  • When submitting bookmarks Netvouz now sets a cookie so you don't have to enter your admin password every time you want to submit a new bookmark.

  • When importing bookmarks the tag creator is now more restrictive so there should be less "weird" tags (such as ~~...~~) created and instead better "english" tags.

  • Fixed a bug that some people hit when importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer.
Work continues - Happy bookmarking!


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